Supernovas: Making women shine in the entrepreneurial universe

SUPERNOVAS Women Investment Network (WIN) is the place where female investors (both in venture capital and business angels) meet to learn and grow professionally, access investment opportunities in female-led startups and expand their network with the support of EIT, the largest innovation ecosystem in Europe.

WIN in a nutshell

Supernovas WIN helps female investors access and grow in the ecosystem, providing access to the best female-led deal flow through these activities:

Who is it for?

Our Activities

WIN Investment Academy:

Online training courses for two types of female investors:

Investment forums, where investors will have access to the most innovative female-led startups in the agritech, health, manufacturing energy, and urban mobility sectors. And female entrepreneurs will pitch to our community.

WIN Networking:

Building a community where female investors from all over Europe can learn together and from each other, coinvest and look for new types of collaboration.

WIN next key dates

We are working on our 2024 calendar, dates will be announced shortly.

We are working on our 2024 calendar, dates will be announced shortly.

We are working on our 2024 calendar,
dates will be announced shortly.

Why WIN?

Female presence is low in venture investment in Europe, particularly in senior positions. We want to have more women writing checks and becoming successful investors.

Invest in women. The proportion of funding attracted by female-led startups is considerably lower than their share in the ecosystem, partially due to low female presence on the investment side, which might contribute to conscious or unconscious biases.

A more gender-balanced ecosystem makes more diverse and more efficient investments and innovation decisions.

In this context, WIN aims at: 

  • Increasing female presence and their role as investors in Europe (help invest successfully, develop professionally and progress to senior positions).
  • Connecting female investors, female founder funds and female-led startups to explore female investments opportunities.