Supernovas: Making women shine in the entrepreneurial universe

Data Room is a dedicated platform that collects and analyses updated data on female-led startups supported by EIT.

It aims to:

  • Help access investment opportunities: discover new companies, source deals, and connect with promising ventures.
  • Showcase high and deeptech female entrepreneurship across sectors: both by publishing Supernovas’ own reports and studies, and by providing input to others’.
  • Raise awareness and create role models: inspire and foster innovation while addressing gender disparities in entrepreneurship.

In Europe, only 30% of all startups and 15% of all deeptech startups are led by women. And only 2% of all venture capital funding goes to all-female teams and around 5% to mixed teams. EIT Community, through its nine communities of knowledge, is a strong supporter of female entrepreneurship across industries in Europe.

Data Room in a nutshell

Supernovas Data Room is a comprehensive dashboard of EIT supported female-led startups:

1. Showcasing women-led startups and female leadership and roles in high and deeptech entrepreneurship across all EIT Knowledge Communities: Climate, Culture & Creativity, Digital, Food, Health, Innoenergy, Manufacturing, Raw Materials and Urban Mobility.

2. Giving investors, corporates, journalists, publishers and other interested parties access to data about these startups.


· By publishing detailed and curated profiles of EIT supported female-led startups including financial data, rounds of investment, job openings, market mapping, news and more.

· By providing Venture Investors with easily searchable valuable data for optimal investment decision making.

· By promoting the Data Room in the ecosystem.

Who is it for?

· European female-led startups supported by any of our KICs (Climate, Culture & Creativity, Digital, Food, Health, Innoenergy, Manufacturing, Raw Materials and Urban Mobility), will be profiled.

· Investors interested in scouting opportunities in those sectors.

· Journalists and publishers reporting on female entrepreneurship.

· Other interested parties.

Are you a female-led EIT supported startup?

Your profile will be added to the Data Room automatically. You will then be able to curate and complete it.

Are you interested in accessing the Supernovas Data Room?

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