Supernovas: Making women shine in the entrepreneurial universe


About Supernovas

Why Supernovas?

EIT Food, EIT manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility join forces in SUPERNOVAS to bring more women into the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We empower woman-led start-ups, enable women to join the early-stage funding industry and inspire role models across the sector.

SUPERNOVAS seeks to unleash the potential of women, in order to break barriers and increase female presence and role in the entrepreneurship, innovation and investment ecosystem.

The facts

Women are currently very underrepresented both in deep-tech entrepreneurship and venture investment, and these two facts reinforce each other:

  • Only 15% of deeptech startups are founded or co-founded by women
  • Women-led startups raise less funding than their male counterparts – across Europe, only 2% of venture capital goes to all-female teams and around 5% to mixed teams.
  • Venture Capitals lack gender diversity globally: 85% of investment committees are all-male and only 13% of VC partners are female
  • We aim to help build the next generation of women-led deeptech startups and maximize their success chances by: increasing female presence in early-stage investment (both in VC and as business angels); supporting female-led startups in their internationalization, scaling-up and fundraising efforts; empowering female entrepreneurs; creating role models and raising awareness.
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